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Our Trespade Vacuum Sealer allows you to extend the shelf life of a variety of foods saving a considerable amount of time and money, while keeping waste to a minimum.  Our Trespade Vacuum Sealers are Made in Italy.


  • Made with stainless steel body; this is a vacuum packing professional model
  • 10 levels of easy to adjust and precise sealing settings
  • Built-in jar suction system
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning operations
  • Standard accessories: 10 vacuum bags, 3 cooking bags, and 2 valves
  • Weight: 8,2 kg
  • Dimensions: 48 x 24.5 x 15.5 cm
  • 43cm Double Sealing Rod Length
  • Suction 32L/minute
  • 4 different operating cycle: Automatic, Manual, Suction in Jars & Sealing for Rolls
  • Has Manometer indicating the vacuum level
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty
  • *Please note this Machine is for Domestic use only!!